Sony Xperia XA vs Samsung Galaxy A3 - Which has a better Camera?

Its another WhatGear Camera Comparison Compare & Contrast video... So today I am looking at two entry/mid-range phones from two of the biggest electronic companies out there. It's the Xperia XZ vs Galaxy A3 There is just one question...which one wins the shoot out? Watch and see...


So you might be an unfortunate Note 7 owner & you might be considering what are your replacement options. Well I am now using the Xperia XZ and you may want to see how the Cameras compare with Samsung's Flagship offering. Bare in mind that the Note 7 camera is the exact same camera as in the Galaxy S7.

Here we have another WORLDS 1st #WhatGear Compare & Contrast Camera Comparison test. Yes thats right Im testing the cameras on the HTC 10, Xperia X & Huawei P9. Which one will win? Check out the video and let me know what you think!