UFC Podcast #3 - McGregor Vs Diaz - As we thought? After thoughts on a well fought fight

"To weight cut...or not to weight cut...that is a question?" TR

So you guys know I'm a bit of a Jedi right? If not you need to have a quick listen to the last 10 mins of the WhatGear UFC Podcast #2 .

Prior to the main event at UFC 196 I was incredibly surprised to see 12-1 odds on Diaz to win. I think there is an explanation for this.

Really these odds are a testament to what Connor has done for the Sport. Similar to what Rhonda Rousey was able to achieve prior to McGregor. He has successfully brought fresh eyes to the Sport. Which seems to have extended all the way to bookies unfamiliar with MMA.

If you are an old school fan of the UFC you will be familiar with the Diaz brothers status in MMA. Nate's historic strengths are his Cardio, Boxing and World class Ju-Jitsu. The only possible weakness to be considered in Nate Diaz’s game Is his wresting. Although this has never posed a big problem for him. As his offence from his (Ju-jitsu) guard is to be feared. That is why many long-standing fans of the sport will agree with Nate's winning comment “I am not surprised”.

This fight was no walk in the park for Diaz or a game of “touch butt” for McGregor. By the second round Diaz had taken a lot of heavy hits to the face. If you were to judge the fight on damage at the end of round one. You would score it for McGregor. Many expected the KO and this fight definitely goes to show...you never know.

Connor talks a good game and has an amazing fight game, and delivers the fights that people want to see. That’s exactly why you need to watch this UFC196 and future fights featuring the Notorious McGregor.

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