UFC Teixeira Vs Evans - WhatGear Event Review/Recap

So it was certainly a night of entertaining fights from the world's leading fight promotion. We saw some awesome back and forth battles stunning KO’s and surprising submission finishes.


The highlights of the night for me was definitely the main event. I remember the disappointed of seeing the Ice man Chuck Liddel losing by devastating KO by the hands of Evans. And as it seems history repeats itself with Glover delivering an equally devastating blow to the former champs chin. The question now is can Sugar bounce back to contender status or is sentenced to a career as a UFC gate keeper?

Rose Namajunas put in a stellar performance raising the profile of women's MMA even further. She is definitely a rising star capable of bringing much needed eyes to the women's strawweight division. Could she be champ…?


It was sad to see the resilient Court McGee put away with a KO. I believe it was his 10 anniversary of being sober. The good news is I guess he still has that to celebrate as well as the victory of his team mate Teixera.

Michael Chiesa submitted an awesome performance to the nights  fights. By submitting the highly touted Beniel Darioush with a seriously painful looking neck crank. Putting immense pressure across the jaw of the Brazilian black belt Darioush.

All in all & undercard which included a magical knock out from the Magician John Dodson it was a eventful event to behold. Definitely one to check out on fightpass.


How could I forget to mention the man who some say is the uncrowned champ of the lightweight division Khabib Nurmagomedov. Who returns after a 2 year lay off to take a tough opponent... although a new fighter in the UFC who did put up a good fight, but to be honest never really stood a chance. Does Khabib get a title shot coming off the back of a win to an unknown? who knows... post your thoughts below.

And if you get a chance check out this video of WhatGear at the UFC London event earlier this year!

It was an epic event, check it out and let me know what you think?