Project Morpheus Ready But Waiting on Software

Sony has been tight lipped when it comes to a release date for Project Morpheus only saying it will launch in the first half of 2016. So everything is okay on the hardware front, but a engineer working on the PS4 VR headset has revealed that they are still waiting on the software end.

In a Facebook post regarding Project Morpheus posted on Reddit, one of Sony's Hardware R&D engineers Dennis Castleman compared VR headsets from the three main contenders - Oculus, HTC and Morpheus - and talked about how ready they devices are to go into production, as reported by VR Focus.

"HTC already has the production infrastructure in place so they have a leg up on Oculus. And of course, my employer is well versed in bringing CE gadgets to market," he said.

"In our case the HMD [head-mounted display] hardware is ready to go, we're just waiting for the game titles to catch up with the hardware," Castleman added.

Although Sony has the option to announce a Project Morpheus release date "at a moment's notice," Game Revolution said the Japanese tech firm "[understands] it needs compelling software to make its debut as impactful as possible."

So Sony are yet to announce the release date for the Morpheus and are also remaining silent on pricing as well, I know for a fact that WhatGear's very own GamesMaster can't wait to get hold of this info!