VIRTUAL UMBRELLA - Interview from the VR in a BAR Event 2015

On 27th August/2015 The GamesMaster & AV Dave headed to the VR in a Bar event hosted by @VirtualUmbrella. The event brought together some of the finest minds in the VR industry bar. WhatGear were there and filmed the entire event. This is a round up video of Round 2 of VR in a Bar.

So we caught up with Sean from Crytal Rift to discuss this new game. Also they had a HTC VIVE set up in a pretty confined space which was surprising to see. Check out this interview and see what you think. Big thanks to @VirtualUmbrella

The GamesMaster and AV Dave headed over to London, Dalstons Loading Bar. Where they attended an event Hosted by @VirtualUmbrella . The VR in Bar event Round 2 brought some of the finest VR exhibitors known to man together for a couple of drinks at the bar.