iFIT Challenge - Real life Call of Duty - Airsoft

AV Dave Vs The GamesMaster @AmbushAirsoft The Billet, Aldershot, England Who will win? You can watch the entire days events and the real competition here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDhDm5vqoO7atL-8VBJevQmP80RfjhYgx There were painful consequences in store for the loser of the @iFit Challenge.

Watch this EPIC @iFIT Challenge from WhatGear...Maybe the finest reviews known to mankind! The GamesMaster Vs AV Dave go head to head to see who can be more iFIT active at AmbushAdventures.co.uk The Billet, Aldershot, England. Painful consequences loom for the loser! WATCH, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE ;)

The EPIC conclusion to the WhatGear iFIT Challenge. Who will win? Will @WhatGear_AVDave maintain his lead? Or will the GamesMaster live up to his name and become the victor? Watch this video and find out! and don't forget... LIKE, SUBSCRIBE & SHARE ON FB