AlcoDigital - Breathalysers coming to a store near you!

Earlier this year WhatGear had the opportunity to meet with the original TopGear Stig Ben Collins at the GadgetShow Live. We were lucky enough to get an interview with him and discuss AlcoDigitals consumer breathalysers. He also had a few words to say about Whatgear. So check it out!

So I thought it would be a good idea to test my lightning fast reflexes against the The Stig, and AV Dave in the Battack challenge. If you want to see how that went, check out this video. Its around the 4 min 30 mark if you would like to skip to it. You should check out the full video if you've got the time.


So after having let Ben Collins win and finding out that the only way can beat me at any game is when I'm drunk. We found ourselves with an opportunity to test out some AlcoDigital products in a real drinking game. So we headed to the Euston Taps in London, Euston for a few pints. We did stop to shoot a real quick 360 video in Kings Cross London. So if you haven't been there for a while why not take a quick look around?

The WhatGear - AlcoDigital Challenge

Third instalment coming soon... when? ask @WhatGear_avDave

So AlcoDigitals Single use Breathalyser is set to hit stores in the UK very soon. You might be wondering what a single use breathalyser is and how you use one. WhatGear have put together this 'How To' guide for this AlcoDigital breathalyser. Check it out and next time your at the checkout. Especially if your getting ready for a night out ;)

Head over to  and take a look.

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AV Dave Vs The GamesMaster @AmbushAirsoft The Billet, Aldershot, England Who will win? You can watch the entire days events and the real competition here: There were painful consequences in store for the loser of the @iFit Challenge.

Watch this EPIC @iFIT Challenge from WhatGear...Maybe the finest reviews known to mankind! The GamesMaster Vs AV Dave go head to head to see who can be more iFIT active at The Billet, Aldershot, England. Painful consequences loom for the loser! WATCH, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE ;)

The EPIC conclusion to the WhatGear iFIT Challenge. Who will win? Will @WhatGear_AVDave maintain his lead? Or will the GamesMaster live up to his name and become the victor? Watch this video and find out! and don't forget... LIKE, SUBSCRIBE & SHARE ON FB