The best USB condenser mic! Blue Raspberry REVIEW


This miniature usb microphone just might be the very best portable mic on the market! The Blue Raspberry's classic look and feel & design is quite nostalgic. However there is nothing out of date about this gadget. It's portability, functionality and overall performance is nothing short of spectacular.

If you're an Apple fan you'll be happy to know that this small but mighty mic comes complete with its very own usb to lightning port cable . 

The Perfect Podcasting usb MIC


If you are a podcaster and you need a portable high quality condenser mic that you can simply sit on a table and record with. Then I have to admit you would be hard pushed to find anything better than the Blue Raspberry. The simplicity of simply plugging this device directly into your apple device and recording, couldn't be simpler. The sound recording quality is simply astounding when setup correctly.

Functionality & Onboard Controls



The functionality and controls on board the Blue Raspberry are minimal but perfect for its purpose. On one side of this impressive device is a mic gain control. Allowing you to adjust the mics input volume on the fly & a single click down on this wheel mutes the mic altogether.



On the opposite side it has a headphone volume wheel. Yes you can plug a set of headphones directly into the device so you can monitor the audio quality. A particularly hand feature plus you can look like a professional podcaster whilst using it.

Troy from WhatGears Opinion

The Blue Raspberry would be a perfect companion for podcaster of interviewer or voice over artist. In the past I have been all three and this would definitely be my recording equipment of choice. Once I figured out how to use it properly with my Apple mac the audio recording quality is perfect. I love the design and it ability to eliminate ambient background noise is amazing. It's size and price are proportional and I would highly recommend it. "This might be the finest, smallest usb condenser mic known to man!" Troy R - WhatGear Creator