OrbitSound One P70 - First Impressions


So I was lucky enough to get an early listen to the NEW Orbitsound One P70. For those of you who don't know. Orbitsound are a british company who use a unique technique called Airsound. Airsound is an interesting concept that basically creates a wider sweet spot for stereo sound than your regular stereo devices. Which basically means you get the perfect balance of left and right audio regardless of where you sit. I had a chance to hear this...and I must say it sounds good to me!

The P70 is an all in one soundbar that integrates Airsound technology 

The P70 is an all in one soundbar that integrates Airsound technology 

As for the design... well it's an all in one sound solution. It has its own onboard subwoofer built in & it delivers an awesome audio impact. As well as it's impressive sound quality the Orbitsound P70 can be mounted on a wall as seen in the position above, and it can also sit flat on a table top.

The on board controls are nice and tactile and the remote is beautifully simple & easy to use. As for its power output...at present it's unknown. I heard to get the correct answer to that you will need to test it's sound pressure level. What does watts really mean?

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