The ONLY British 4K QLED TV - Cello 4K QLED 55" HDR Review

Say hello to my little friend... The Cello 55" inch 4K HDR Qled TV. The only British made Qled Smart TV on the planet today... So in usual WhatGear fashion, I'm going to break this down into 4 sections. Design, Usability, Quality and last but not least awesome features, Because I believe every product should have at least one awesome feature... Anyway, rest assured the CELLO QLED definitely does have some really awesome features. So read all the way to the end for those.


So when it comes to the look and feel of the CELLO 4K QLED. Cello have gone for stainless steel finish which runs right around the bezels of the TV giving a really premium look. In my opinion when it comes to wall mounting a TV, a silver finish helps it blend into environment better.

cello qled review

The base itself is solid steal as you will see in my unboxing video. click the link if you want to check that video out : Cello 4K QLED unboxing.

The TV has a lot of ports on the back, these include 4 HDMI, 2 USB and one really unique feature that I personally haven’t seen on any other TV on the market. I’ll come back to that in the awesome features section at the end.

The design on the remote is quite similar to that of the Sky Q remote when it comes to its shape. It's quite comfortable to hold and not to over complicated when it comes to buttons. Everything is quite self-explanatory & it isn't loaded with unnecessary buttons, which is nice.

Overall when it comes to the general design the Cello 4K HDR QLED has the build quality that you would expect to see on a £2000+ plus flagship TV.


When it comes to usability the Cello QLED boots up fast and switches between apps incredibly fast. I'm basing this statement off of my past experiences with android TV's. I have to admit the Android 7 TV interface is seamless and swift on this TV & this is assisted by the Cello Play functionality.

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The onboard joystick control on the back is incredibly easy to find. It allows you to navigate the home screen and it doubles up as a power-up and powers down switch which is really great. In my experience, there is nothing worse than having to get a torch out to look behind the TV in order to figure out what buttons are what.

The remote has an awesome feature that I have to unveil early and that is the mouse pointer. Which you can toggle on and off as you please. When it comes to smart TV's and on-screen keyboards it's some much easier just to point and click. Which is particularly useful for skipping ads on YouTube. By the way, check out the WhatGear YouTube channel when you get a chance ;) I'd really appreciate it.


Inside the CELLO 55” QLED is a Samsung SVA QLED panel. The equivalent 55" Samsung QLED retail price starts at £2000 here in the UK. Prepare to be amazed when you see the price tag on this QLED TV.

The TV houses a system on chip AMLogic 962, ARM Cortex A53 quad core CPU @1.5GHz processor & 5 core ARM Mali-450 GPU with 2GB Ram. As well as 8GB built in storage for apps.

Quantum Dot LED technology boasts a wider colour gamut than regular LED screens. You can see it in action in my WhatGear YouTube review here. I was really blown away by the color reproduction, in particular, the reds.


When watching 4K footage you can see every detail in crystal clarity, brilliant colours and didn't experience any problems with motion blur. Overall the picture quality is awesome.

Another area that surprised me was the sound quality. Nowadays most people will opt to buy a separate sound bar...I am one of those people. Although I did spend some time watching this TV without one. I was pleasantly surprised to see the Cello have added in some impressive speakers, which I think is quite rare these days. Thumbs up to Cello for that.


The 1st awesome feature I should mention is the ability to expand the built-in 8BG memory with a micro-sd card. This is really great because if you are the owner of a smartphone that allows for an sd-card, you can transfer images and videos very easily. Also expanding the memory will allow you to make use of the record feature when watching TV via the cello play TV tuner.

cello qled ports

The 2nd awesome feature is the fact that this is near to stock Android 7 TV. I didn't notice any bloatware at all. You can link your android play store account to the TV and download pretty much all the apps you can find on your android phone...I think this is awesome!

The 4K QLED HDR10 panel inside this TV delivers an amazing picture. Which 4K TV and Film becoming more readily available these days you can make the most out of your content. You might want to consider upgrading you SKY Q package to Ultra HD of buying a 4K Blu-ray player if you are planning on picking up this TV.

Another awesome feature is the pointer remote. I mentioned it earlier but I feel it deserves another mention. Navigating web pages is so easy with this feature. I really like the way you can toggle it on and off too.

The last awesome feature is the price. prepared to be amazed click here to find out the latest price.


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