Cotodama Lyric Speaker - An Apparently Transparent Speaker

You know what I like about this speaker.... it got soul. The name Cotodama in Japan actually means the soul of words. As you can see in the video above, this speaker shows you the lyrics of the song you are playing inside it.

The Lyric speaker is pretty exclusive. I heard that Cotodama only make 15 of these Lyric speakers a month. One thing that makes this speaker even more challenging to own... Is the price.

Its £4000... (4 bags of sand). The question is... Is it a sound investment?

Well let's consider what you're actually getting for the money. The Cotodama Lyric Speaker is definitely not a regular set of drivers inside a wooden cabinet. This is an intelligent multimedia device. Which supports Hi Res audio music playback. As well as graphical animations inside of its translucent cabinet.

The Cotodama Lyric speaker can in fact display over two million song lyrics with custom animations. The animations will vary depending on the tempo of your tunes you listen to.

"I think this speaker would be perfect for you if love Karaoke, and you've got a bulletproof wallet."

In terms of connectivity it does not support Bluetooth. It is purely a WiFi speaker & there are some restrictions with regards to compatibility of streaming services. At the moment on Android you can only use Spotify. On the iPhone however you can use airplay and Spotify.

So if you're an android user you will need to subscribe to Spotify if you are planning to buy this thing.

Who knows maybe Cotodama will update the software for the Lyric Speaker in the future. Maybe they might allow us to have a few more streaming options? This speaker would be even more awesome if it could support Deezer & Tidal for example. Who knows the just might do it...