JBL T110BT: best in-ear wireless budget headphones

With the ongoing trend of smartphone manufacturers ditching the headphone jack, a lot of consumers are not happy. Their favourite pair of headphones that they purchased a couple years back just became obsolete. These JBL Headphones solve the problem!

jbl t110bt review

For the most part, many smartphone companies are getting into manufacturing their own headphones. So their potential customer do not have to look around for new headphones. This has lead several bigger players in the industry to step-in and shift their focus towards wireless headphones and increase its production substantially.

For someone who is not a connoisseur of headphones, it gets difficult to choose from the plethora of options out there. To find a set with the right qualities that will also the fit within your budget. If all you need is a decent pair of headphones just to use with your new audio-jackless phone. you might be interested in the JBL T110BT headphones powered by Harman.

Don't worry you can still use your favourite headphone with devices that still have a headphone jacks!

Let's look at some of the specifications of these headphones: 

jbl headphone specs

Inside the box, you get the headphones (obviously) along with three different sized ear-tips (S, M, L), charging cable, warning card and warranty card.

jlb t110 bt

On the physical side of things, the headphones come with a mic so you can make handsfree calls, and three physical buttons. Volume Up, Volume Down and Play/Pause. These Volume Up and Volume Down button double up as Previous and Next button. The JBL T110BT also have an LED that makes it easier to check on the connection status.

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 21.10.37.png

The connecting cable is tangle-free so you donโ€™t waste half of your time untangling them. Also the ends of the ear-tips connect together using magnets. This helps prevent the JBL T110BT's from tangling when you're on the move. 

Now on to the sound quality. These headphones offer a crisp, clear and dynamic sound with a great blend of highs-and-lows. While providing adequate bass and they do not show any signs of distortion even at full volume. 

Overall, The JBL T1100 BT headphones are great value for money and ticks most of the boxes that you could wish for in a good pair of headphones.


  • Tangle resistant wire
  • Satisfying bass
  • Great battery life
  • Comfortable fir


  • Very long connecting wire between earbuds
  • Not sweat-resistant