EE Hawk Phone! Super Fast & Affordable

Is it a bird is it a plane...No it's a Smartphone the EE hawk with internet speeds faster than a speeding bullet. You should definitely have your eyes on this phone if your looking for a personal device that's inexpensive but doesn't compromise on it's smart capabilities.

So basically if you want a stripped down and simple smartphone, with all the usual smartphone functions like social media, email, web browsing. The Hawk has impressive music & video streaming capabilities. This phone ticks all the boxes.

EE have kept it really simple and clean with this one. The EE Hawk smartphone is the perfect entry level phone for anyone wants make the jump into android without being tied into a lengthy & expensive contract.

EE Hawk Android N.jpg

The Hawk is carrier locked & I know what your thinking...bloatware...You will be happy to know the EE Hawk offers pretty much a stock android experience on android N. With just the EE app to track your usage and Lookout Anitvirus software being the only additions

The Hawks real strong suit and probably one area In which this outshines all its competitors and even many of the current flagships. Is it's data download & upload speeds. In this area the Hawk dominates.

ee hawk 4g speed.jpg

On the Inside the Hawk has Cat 6 modem which is brilliant it your wondering. This modem combined with EE's 4G+ network means your the Hawk can potentially receive a 300mbps download speed and deliver 50mbps upload speed.

But what does that mean for you the potential end user...well it means for example if your using Netflix or Deezer or if your watching WhatGear on YouTube. It's going to deliver a seamless streaming experience with minimal buffering. EE have fine tuned this phone to emphasise the power of their 4G network. Whilst keeping the cost to a minimal.

The EE Hawk is a powerhouse in the area of high-speed 4G & this is largely because @EE has the largest 4G network here in the UK.

ee hawk phone design.jpg

Now let's run through some of the other stuff I like about this phone. It's fingerprint is in the perfect place, similar to the google pixel and it rarely ever fails. However this phone isn't waterproof, so unfortunately you won't be able to go water skiing on the Thames...but why would you want to?

The screen is 720p which some may see as being a negative, however the upside of is, you should get a bit more juice out of its a 2200mah battery. 1080p would be nice but not many can tell the difference.

ee hawk jbl headphones.jpg

The Hawk does sport a headphone jack and EE are kind enough to through in some nice in ear JBL headphones...and they sound good to me...

Also time is of the essence and the Hawk does have a USB C charging port which means faster charging and faster data transfer. The last thing I really love about the Hawk is it's simple but clean design. It's gorilla glass back and front give it a really nice premium finish. From the front it kind of resembles the iPhone and the pattern on the back resembles that seen on the Zenfone 4.

With that said what's not to like...for just £150 quid you really can't go wrong with the EE Hawk phone...especially if you consider you can grab this phone from EE for just £119 fee and only £10 a month.

Personally...I think for the price. This phone is quite simply brilliant.