Whitestone Dome Glass Discount - Maybe the Best Screen Protector!

So I'm not gonna lie to you guys I got one of these from Mobilefun.co.uk a while ago after watching one of my favourite tech YouTubers Lou from unbox therapy.


Now I'm gonna be very honest here. I did not follow the instructions... and I messed it up.

Now with that said I still believe if you get this right...this is probably the very best curved screen protector out there right now. You can get it for iPhone and Samsung phones. There will be a link to mobile fun in the description below. Also stay to the end cos I might have an exclusive discount for you....

So anyway I'm making this video so you can learn from my mistakes & get this right on your 1st attempt. Im gonna keep this very clear & concise for you...So let's begin...

Step 1.

Clean the screen with the alcohol wipes, then buff the screen with the provided cloths. Then use the little stickers to remove any dust specs.

how to whitestone dome

Step 2. A Very important one.

Check the surface your using is level. You'll need a spirit level. Then place you phone in the casing.

Step 3.

Cover the earpeice with the masking sticker. Fit the top of the casing on & secure it using the supied pin. Attach the supplied bridge. Unscrew the purple end of the glue and secure it in place. Then release the glue by unscrewing the black cap. Wait a min after.

Step 4. A very very important one.

whitestone dome glass glue.jpg

Tilt the phone ever so slightly to get the glue as close to the centre as possible. I didn't do this...because I didn't do this the glue attached had air bubbles trapped inside! Make sure you do this...


Step 5.

Place the screen protector on top and pull the pin. And wait until the glue reaches all the edges. DO NOT PUSH DOWN ON THE GLASS TO GET IT TO BOND QUICKER. it doesn't work and You'll end up gluing the casing together.

Step 6.


Plug your UV light in and heat the top for 15 secs and then the bottom for 15 secs and the middle. Repeat this for 3 mins....

Step 7.

You're pretty much done. Just clean down the surface and edges to remove the excess glue. Dry it off and that's it (That's it).

So now your phone now has a whitestone dome on it...and it works perfectly edge to edge. Also when I took the old one off it was very easy to do and did not damage the phone at all.