Can the Jaguar E Pace dodge a Heatseeking Missile?

So if you follow the WhatGear reviews YouTube channel you will know that I was at the EXCLUSIVE press launch of the Jaguar E Pace. Also if you have ever played any flight simulator or arcade games EVER. You will know the only way to dodge a heatseeking missile is to perform a barrel roll. Well with that in mind, do think the Jaguar E Pace can dodge a missile? The answer is yes it can! So next time you're the victim some extreme road rage you know what to do.

Anyway grab yourself a Google Cardboard or maybe a Merge VR headset, kick back relax and take a look around and see how it all went down... Quite literally you can look around it's a 360 Video.

The New Jaguar E-PACE has set an official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title during its world premiere in London. Leaping into the record books, Jaguar's compact performance SUV achieved an epic 15.3 metre-long jump, complete with a 270-degree corkscrew-like 'barrel roll'. Behind the wheel was legendary British stunt driver Terry Grant.

So I hope you guys enjoyed the video. Hopefully I will get hands on with one of these awesome vehicles at some point. If I do... It'll be another world's first for WhatGear reviews! You will get a unique look at the integrated tech inside the E Pace & maybe a closer look at the cup holders ;) I also hear Jaguar have created a smartwatch for this vehicle. Just like that one seen in Knightrider. Which I'm really interested in checking out. The question is, is the Jaguar E Pace one of the finest SUV's known to man? Hopefully we will see. Stay tuned and subscribe to WhatGear on YouTube