Can the Jaguar E Pace dodge a Heatseeking Missile?

Can the Jaguar E Pace dodge a Heatseeking Missile?

So if you follow the WhatGear reviews YouTube channel you will know that I was at the EXCLUSIVE press launch of the Jaguar E Pace. Also if you have ever played any flight simulator or arcade games EVER. You will know the only way to dodge a heatseeking missile is to perform a barrel roll.

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Game of Throne - London Exhibit

The WhatGear team were lucky enough to be in attendance at the Sky Atlantic #GOTexhibit at the O2. They had props from the show as well as an OCULUS VR Game of Thrones Experience rigged up.

So I was kindly provided with press passes to the #GoTExhibit by SKY ATLANTIC. An exhibit of the genuine costumes & props from the world famous series! and other cool stuff! It was a great day! and thank you to my sister for being camera lady for the day!

WhatGear 4000 Subscribers...WOW!

Troy 'The GamesMaster' recaps the highlights since 3K subs * Check out what Syndicate & Jason Bradbury had to say about WhatGear So here it is 4k Subscribers! We couldn't have done it without you awesome WhatGear Legendary Subscribers. Many many thanks to all of you.

WELCOME to WhatGear Reviews Channel...Maybe the Finest Reviews Known to Man! My name is Troy I am new YouTuber! My aim is to keep you guys up to date with whats what in the Tech and Game world. WhatGear is here making sure you know Whats What.

What Gear reviews is proud to have finally reached 2,000 Finest Subscribers Known to Man! As promised this video includes a couple of tales from my days on movie sets. Check it out!

Finally we at WhatGear have hit 3000! I can't thank our subscribers enough for the continued support. part 2 : YOU ARE SOME OF THE FINEST SUBSCRIBERS KNOWN TO MAN! check out this video where I recap WhatGear so far.

HALO 5 GUARDIANS - Launch Event

WhatGear were in attendance at London's RoundHouse in Camden Town for the Halo launch! It was an amazing event check out what the GamesMaster (Troy) and Audio Video Dave (AV Dave) got up to at the RoundHouse.

Check it out its Jason Bradbury from the GadgetShow the UK's top Technology TV program! turns out our paths may have crossed many years ago on a gaming TV show back in the early nineties...small world!

Check out this Live pre-release unboxing from the Halo 5 London launch event, Camden Town at the Roundhouse! What comes with the Legendary edition? check it out...

Another WhatGear 360 Video Exclusive! check out the Halo Stage from the Roundhouse, Camden, London in 360! *Remember to pan around using you finger/mousepad/tilt*


The Original Boba Fett - WhatGear Interview

Check it out WhatGear caught up with the Actor who played Boba Fett at the London Comic Con. It was a real honour to meet the Star Wars legend himself. Find out what his thoughts are on the upcoming movie and the age old question...who shot first?

The WhatGear team visited the new StarWars Exhibit in Londons Madame Tussauds to film in 360°. Check out how AV Dave and the GamesMaster got on during the filming. Brace yourself for some seriously bad jokes that not even a Jedi mind trick will help you forget.

Watch this WhatGear event cover from the London Comic Con. We managed to get an interview with the Original and Legendary Bobba Fett from Star Wars! Also some of the WORLDS FIRST ever 360 videos from the event...and join the Gamesmaster as he tries to find out if anyone has heard of WhatGear.

Finally the whole Cape & Cowl exhibit is here, with full commentary from Troy 'The GamesMaster'. Check out this very UNIQUE event from Shoreditch, London, England. An exhibition reimagining the Caped Crusader's iconic Cape and Cowl headpiece. WB Games UK has teamed up with twenty contemporary artists and celebrities to celebrate the launch of Batman: Arkham Knight.

Halo London Launch Event in 360 Video!


Check out these 360 videos from the exclusive live launch of Halo 5 Guardians. These videos just might be the WORLDS FIRST ever 360's shot in the Roundhouse, Camden Town.

The Roundhouse was once a turntable for trains back in 1847. Now its quite often the home of a completely different type of turntable. Now being used for live music events ect. On this occasion Microsoft have transformed the Roundhouse into a 'Halo War Room'


Check out this 360 video as the GamesMaster passes the 360 camera to @AceyBongos (the Face of XBOX in the UK) and crew on the Halo stage. Another worlds first quite possible! check out the Halo Champions Cup from the inside most likely a worlds first!

XPERIA Z5 Launch Event - London - WhatGear Style

The WhatGear team were in attendance at the exclusive press event 30th September/ 2015. We got some awesome unique content from the evenings events. Check it out!

It was a fantastic event and a fantastic phone/phones. The Z5 is the world's first ever 4K screen on a mobile, and as it happens we just hit 4K subs on youtube! Big thank you to all our current and new and future subscribers. Also to AV for bringing the equipment. 

We arrived armed with a 360 camera to bring you WhatGear fans a new angle. Take a look around and how it was all going down. Click the image above to check out the #360video from inside the Getty Gallery.

After leaving the event we ran into some street performers break dancing. Which we filmed in 360 video for you guys to check out.

The WhatGear team heading back from the #SONY Xperia Z5 Launch ran into some London break dancers. So they stopped and shot a video in 360. Check it out!