In a world full of very expensive big brand name tech, once and while you find a less known product that surprises you with a bargain price tag. Nowadays with worldwide connectivity on the increase, itʼs much easier to uncover hidden gems & some amazing quality products for less and now Amazon Launchpad is here to make it even easier.

These are the Mixcder E7 active noise-canceling headphones which have been selected by Amazon for the Amazon Choice line up. At the time of writing this, they are currently price under £50 here in the UK. If youʼd like to check out the most up to date price ‘click hereʼ (link)


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The design of the Mixcder E7 is quite similar to a pair of very expensive headphones I own from audio technica & thatʼs not a bad thing. The hangers around the ear-cups have a metal painted finish which gives them a premium look.

The material around the ear cups and headband is faux leather with memory foam which further adds to their premium look. Also, the padding is quite plush which of course make them nice and comfortable.


All the manual controls can be found onboard the earcups. On the left earpiece is the ANC (active noise canceling switch). Which allows you to easily switch between modes without taking the headphones off.


On the right earpiece are the power/pairing button with a long press toggling on the Bluetooth discoverable mode. Alongside that are the manual volume controls, which are placed very nicely so you can reach them to adjust the volume without having to use your phone.

There are two ways to playback music to the Mixcder E7. Via Bluetooth or Passively using the provided analog cable. Regardless of which method you choose the ANC is always an option.

A great usability feature these headphones is its battery life. With its built-in 400mAh battery, you can get up to 20 hours of playback with noise canceling off & impressive 18 Hours with ANC on. However, should you run out of juice, by using the analog cable you can use them passively for as long as you like. Itʼs always good to have a backup.



When it comes to sound quality there are two main areas that the Mixcer E7 really shine. That is in their Bass delivery and overall loudness. This is thanks to its large 40mm drivers. The mids & hiʼs are reasonable for most people although the audiophiles among you may want to spend a little more for a true HiRes playback.

The ANC really does help to block out a good amount to background noise. It will certainly help block out a good bit of sound on your travels. For me, ANC is a feature that I wonʼt fly without. These are certainly the bargain champ in the wireless ANC category.

To discover more awesome products like this as well as new and innovative always-on, smart home products keep an eye on the Amazon Launchpad. It will open your eyes to a world of cutting edge tech