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First impressions

The 4KVR360 camera is definitely a unique device. It's incredibly compact and lightweight. What you are essentially looking at is an action cam with 3 completely different camera views, and all of tvus is housed in an IP6X rated shockproof casing.

Pixpros previous rendition of a 4k 360 camera had just one dome with xed focus lensโ€ฆ the Pixpro 4k 360 now has 2. However the two lenses are not identical in size. This is the first thing you will notice. There is really good reason for this which I'll explain later.

It's size makes it amazingly portable and lightweight. Which is perfect for extreme sports enthusiasts. With that in mind the extreme pack that you can buy with the device makes it even more versatile. In fact I don't think I've ever seen a product with as many accessories as this. You can check out my Kodak Pixpro 4k 360 VR camera review video to see.

I love the black and white colour scheme on the device & the on board display works really really well. Another cool thing I noticed when I first looked at this device is the mics on both sides. Meaning whatever orientation you have the device in, you will capture good audio from any direction. My first impression is that I really like the design of this.


The on board controls are kept to a minimum with just four buttons. Of course you have the record button which doubles up as a selector button when you're in the menu setting. The power button which is self explanatory...It's simply used to switch it on and off. On the side of the device is two more buttons a wifi button and a mode button. These do what you think they do but they also used to scroll up and down with the menus.

Pairing the device is very easy. First you download the Kodak Pixpro 360 app on your smart device then you connect to it directly via Wi-Fi. Once connected you have so many options to play with. Most importantly you can use your smartphone as a viewfinder. So if you're planning to use this for #360photography you can frame the perfect picture.

One thing to take note of you can operate this device manually and record in three different video modes in with different resolutions of your choice...but to take pictures you must use the Pixpro 360 app.


The desktop software makes stitching and encoding the videos very easy. The easiest way for me to connect the device to my laptop was over Wi-Fi direct. Once in the desktop software you can preview your footage, join videos together and loads more. I've got a feeling that using a Windows PC maybe easier to use than a Mac when it comes to importing videos. There are other ways to transfer video's. For example if you want to you can take out your micro SD card and plug it in to your computer using an SD card adaptor.

The Pixpro 4KVR360 camera has an incredible amount of accessories available. You will not have a problem using it in your car, on your bike, or even underwater. Again if you want to see what it comes with watch this WhatGear Video.

Picture quality

When it comes to picture quality...we really need to talk about each mode individually. And bare in mind you can change the resolutions. But with that said at it's highest settings I would say the wide angled front lens can go toe with the likes of the very best action cams out there. If you'd like to see any side by side reviews just let know. The dome lens camera is fantastic if you're shooting from the ground up. The quality is better than it's ever been on a Pixpro 360 camera. Watch my hands on user guide video and follow the links to see the footage.

There are a crazy amount resolutions and file sizes you can use on the 4kVR360. There are 7 different modes you can use for photography and 12 video modes, two of which are Hi Speed movies which are ideal for action scenes. To see photos taken on the Kodak Pixpro 4k Vr 360 camera follow me on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Final thoughts

I am a huge fan of 4KVR360 camera. I love it's futuristic design. It's ease of use makes it user friendly for any user. As this device has the potential to film in front and behind, this could be the very best action camera to use if you're a cyclist or if you ride a motorbike. With all its different modes you can be as creative as you like switching between the three modes and playing around with footage using the desktop software. The little planet mode is also really awesome to play around with.

Did I mention the 4Kvr360 camera has the ability to live stream 360 video directly to YouTube or Facebook. With live streaming becoming more and more popular these days this device could give you an edge in a crowded space.

I've really enjoyed my time with the Kodak Pixpro and I would highly recommend it if you want maybe the most versatile action camera currently on the market.

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