Best Bluetooth Speaker for Bass - Studio 19 500x EQ

So I just want to say a big thank you to Studio 19 London for supporting a underdog UK tech YouTuber by hooking me up this awesome speaker.

So I was recently invited to an event to meet the founder of Studio 19 and this speaker was sitting in the corner. We played a couple of songs on it and bass was so loud, the tea cups were literally falling of the table.

What really impressed me & surprised me the most was when I realised... that the Studio 19 Solo 500x EQ is in fact a wireless speaker. Not in sense that it connects to the sense that this power house actually runs on a 8800mah battery. Which means it's portable!

studio 19 solo 500x eq.jpg

Anyway let me tell you about the design of this thing and what makes this British designed speaker so unique. The majority of the speaker is made up of the anodised aluminium just like the stuff you see on an iPhone. Behind the anodised metal casing is Studio 19's very own patented dual pressure air compression technology (DPAC).

Let me tell ya this thing kicks out some serious bass. It's almost like you have an independently powered separate sub woofer in the room. Wrapped around the top of this tower are the drivers behind the wire mesh. The mids and treble drivers are all angled off in different directions. Which makes this in fact one of the world's first enhanced degree patented 3D effect portable speakers.

solo 500x eq review.jpg

The speaker fires out in all directs including up and down. So you will definitely get a room filling sound as well as a sort of emulated surround sound experience. I've never heard a single portable speaker the can produce a surround sound experience quite like this.

solo 500x eq.jpg

Most portable speakers on the market today offer just one pre-programmed sound mode. On the Studio 19 Solo 500x-EQ speaker you can adjust it. Not only can you select preset sound modes for Music, Movies and gaming but can also manually adjust the bass the and the treble, mids as well as the volume. I really love the sliders they reminds me of the days when I had my old techniks 1210 record decks. You've also got a button to switch the input modes... and then another button which I think is just awesome...the lights which gives of the really nice ambient light for Netflix and chillin.

Now the ports you've got an HDMI which you can use if your TV has an audio return channel HDMI port. You got the USB C charging port for fast charging. An auxiliary port if you've got an old school TV like my ancient plasma, and an output port if you want to connect this up to another solo speaker.

solo 500x specs.jpg

So in terms of sound quality the are very few portable speakers out there that match the bass output of the solo 500x. And due to the fact that this speaker has dual pressure audio compression tech (DPAC) inside. Also it's advanced DSP technology gives you a really nice clean sound across the mids and highs. Using the presets really help you get the most from this speaker.

studio 19 dpac.jpg

I tried this out in game mode with a bit of call of duty and it's really impressive. The maximum power output is 200 watts which is more powerful than a lot of mains powered sound bars out there.

This product has a really classy look and feel about it, and very premium build quality. Would I recommend it I hear you say? I would would highly recommend it. It's just allround awesome.