Xperia C6 - Quicky Leak

it's another WhatGear Quicky leak! So word on the Street is that we will see an exciting addition to extend the Xperia range into 2016. 

It's the Xperia C6. So we know for sure is that this phone will come in pink judging by the leaked picture. Which could be an indicatation that Sony are targeting the female market...possibly.

We heard that the C6 will not be ultra in size, like last years C5 ultra with 6" display. Unless they choose to release an ultra version. Inside it will likely have a 5.5" 1080p display with 3D touch but apple might say it is insignificant in comparison to the Force touch.

This phone screen reaches almost edge to edge. Which some might describe as bezeless, but to me it looks remarkably like the Z3 bezel and general design. What do you think?

Inside it will most probably have a MediaTek Helio P10 octa-core SoC which means 'system on chip' if you were wondering, and possibly 3gb ram.

With Sony's super weapon being its camera tech. We can expect to see at least a 13MP rear shooter and a hopeful 5mp wide angle front shooter. Utilising Sony's Exmor RS sensor technology.

Also being a Sony this phone could support PS remote play, NFC, Hi Res audio maybe and be dust resistant and waterproof.  One question though does Sony have anything else up their sleeve? Let's ask Batman...

Thanks for watching this quicky leak. Remember to look out every week on Friday for new WhatGear Review.