Oneplus 6 vs Xperia Xz2 vs Note 8 - Speed Test

Oneplus 6 vs Xperia Xz2 vs Note 8 - Speed Test

Join me for this Oneplus 6 Vs Xperia Xz2 Vs Note 8 Gaming Speed Test. It's Qualcomm 845 Vs Exynos 8895. Which one boots up games faster & which one can background games the best.

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Sony XZ2 Gaming - Mystery Box

Sony XZ2 Gaming - Mystery Box

Sony Xperia XZ2 gaming. Is it the finest mobile gaming smartphone known to man? Sony have hooked me up a worlds first... It's the Sony X2 Gaming box set. Check out this unboxing video & then its time. XZ2 game on! Stay tuned with the follow up video....

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SONY MDR1000X - The best noise cancelling headphones?

SONY MDR1000X - The best noise cancelling headphones?

Check it out! I heard that these headphones maybe the finest known to man... Are these the best Active Noise Cancelling headphones on the market? I must admit the sound pretty amazing and I am a fan of the design.

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SONY A6300 Mirrorless Camera - Why it does't SUCK

Brand new SONY camera just announced Feb 2016. Discover what makes the A6300 great! * If you enjoyed this video we a have many more like this SUBSCRIBE now and you will be one of the FINEST subscribers known to Mankind! ...

Sony just announced at CES 2016 a new Hi Res Turntable with USB If you enjoyed this video we a have many more like this SUBSCRIBE now and you will be one of the FINEST subscribers known to Mankind! ...

Xperia C6 - Quicky Leak

it's another WhatGear Quicky leak! So word on the Street is that we will see an exciting addition to extend the Xperia range into 2016. 

It's the Xperia C6. So we know for sure is that this phone will come in pink judging by the leaked picture. Which could be an indicatation that Sony are targeting the female market...possibly.

We heard that the C6 will not be ultra in size, like last years C5 ultra with 6" display. Unless they choose to release an ultra version. Inside it will likely have a 5.5" 1080p display with 3D touch but apple might say it is insignificant in comparison to the Force touch.

This phone screen reaches almost edge to edge. Which some might describe as bezeless, but to me it looks remarkably like the Z3 bezel and general design. What do you think?

Inside it will most probably have a MediaTek Helio P10 octa-core SoC which means 'system on chip' if you were wondering, and possibly 3gb ram.

With Sony's super weapon being its camera tech. We can expect to see at least a 13MP rear shooter and a hopeful 5mp wide angle front shooter. Utilising Sony's Exmor RS sensor technology.

Also being a Sony this phone could support PS remote play, NFC, Hi Res audio maybe and be dust resistant and waterproof.  One question though does Sony have anything else up their sleeve? Let's ask Batman...

Thanks for watching this quicky leak. Remember to look out every week on Friday for new WhatGear Review.

Sony X850d - Top 5 features

ts another week and another WhatGear word on the Street. So look here see this week we are looking at Sony's unannounced X850d entry level 4K TV

So Sony have yet to announce the exact specs for there new tech. I could go ahead and take an educated guess. But instead I figured you guys probably would be most interested in the top 5 features of this new Bravia.

5. Sony's new TV this will support HDR which Sony say is the next generation in picture quality. What do you think Picard? It basically means more colour, more brightness and maybe more optician fees

4. Sony's TVs this year will be slimmer due to the slim backlight system as opposed to older setup er...fat backlight..? These TVs will siy very flush to the wall and if you are using the stand it doubles up as a cable tidy.

3. PSnow! No you can have PS3 games minus the console for a monthly fee. Will this TV support PS4 game streaming. We shall see.

2. Android Marshmallow o. Now I appreciate not everyone will know that is. It's not a robot marsmellow its Google's Software platform. Which opens the door to appa like Youview, Kodi, Plex, VLC and gaming apps and emulators.

1. Number one feature to look forward to is the ability to operate this TV with Googles voice command. Sony have now built the mic into the one remote. Which is great although little disappointed no track pad for web browsing.

o that's it for this WhatGear word on the Street. Keep an eye out for more on The X850d Sony TV later this year!

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SONY H.EAR G - SRS-HG1 - Wireless Speaker

Today I'm looking at Sony's new portable wireless Hi Res Audio speaker. What is Hi Res Audio I hear you say. One of my first videos was actually about that. It's basically 24bit sound as opposed to 16bit. Any way let's look at the key features and come back to that. 

This new speaker looks very much like Sony's old portable speakers. It's not exactly what you would call an out of the box design, and I say that because well it just looks like a box...but anyway.

Sony say H.ear go delivers extra base and has been designed with dance music in mind. And utilizes the S Master HX digital amplifier to deliver a rich sound via its 2 drivers and central passive radiator. With the power of actually Sony haven't specified this yet. But they say it could be equal to a knockout punch from....

Now listen here Sony say this the world's smallest Hi Res Audio portable speaker which it most probably is. Although there is just one question. Can you stream full Hi Res Audio to it? The answer is sort of. It has Sony's on LDAC which might also be a Klingon swear word. LDAC allows you to stream near Hi Res Audio quality transferring data at up to 990kbps via Bluetooth. Thanks to its WiFi capabilities the H.ear speakers can be added to your sony multi-room set up using the Sony Songpal app.

So if looking for a speaker for when your on the go. Which delivers a wider frequency audio than any of its competitors and comes in multiple colours, and supports multi room and LDAC streaming, and the power to last up to 12hrs. Then you might want to go and check out the H.ear go from sony

I got just one question can you get Hi Res Audio sound quality from single mini audio jack?