Sony X850d - Top 5 features

ts another week and another WhatGear word on the Street. So look here see this week we are looking at Sony's unannounced X850d entry level 4K TV

So Sony have yet to announce the exact specs for there new tech. I could go ahead and take an educated guess. But instead I figured you guys probably would be most interested in the top 5 features of this new Bravia.

5. Sony's new TV this will support HDR which Sony say is the next generation in picture quality. What do you think Picard? It basically means more colour, more brightness and maybe more optician fees

4. Sony's TVs this year will be slimmer due to the slim backlight system as opposed to older setup er...fat backlight..? These TVs will siy very flush to the wall and if you are using the stand it doubles up as a cable tidy.

3. PSnow! No you can have PS3 games minus the console for a monthly fee. Will this TV support PS4 game streaming. We shall see.

2. Android Marshmallow o. Now I appreciate not everyone will know that is. It's not a robot marsmellow its Google's Software platform. Which opens the door to appa like Youview, Kodi, Plex, VLC and gaming apps and emulators.

1. Number one feature to look forward to is the ability to operate this TV with Googles voice command. Sony have now built the mic into the one remote. Which is great although little disappointed no track pad for web browsing.

o that's it for this WhatGear word on the Street. Keep an eye out for more on The X850d Sony TV later this year!

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