Xperia 1 Vs iPhone XS Max Vs Xperia 1 Manual HDR | Camera Comparison

Pic 1 - Landscape Shot

So straight out of the gate, this is a pretty challenging shot when it comes to HDR, as it was incredibly sunny that day.

On the left, the Sony Xperia 1 with its superior auto mode detects it's a landscape shot it's losing a bit detail in the shadows particularly on the crops but does well when it comes to delivering a natural picture.

The iPhone also a good picture here with its auto HDR but maybe it's over-emphasizing the brightness just a bit.

Now, do you want to see what Sony can do with HDR...

So this first attempt at a manual shot with HDR on. I adjusted the white balance that's why it has much warmer tones now...but notice how much more colours you can now see on the tree.

And here was my 2nd attempt...I prefer this one. But I'm interested to know what you think Which one wins?

Pic 2. - Selfie Camera

xperia 1 vs iphone xs camera 4.jpg

Ok, a selfie photo with the auto mode on both devices. I think at this point you probably give this one to the iPhone...but now check this.

The Xperia 1 does have manual settings for the front shooter. Although it's a bit more limited than the settings for the rear cameras...but it does offer HDR.

So immediately you see a massive difference. The parts of the image that were completely blown out in the auto mode picture are now clearly visible and it's just generally a much better picture.

Which one wins?

Pic 3. HDR Test

So the sun shining straight at me through the trees here, and you can see on both devices how they are losing detail up at the top of the photographs.

Now with HDR on in manual mode on the Sony Xperia 1, I managed to control the light a little more & bring back some of those a result, it's capturing much more accurate colours at the bottom of the image too.

Pic 4 - Manual Colours

Ok, this one I'm going to do slightly differently. So on-screen are two Sony Xperia 1 images...I think you will agree. The Sony Xperia 1 is so much better when used in manual mode.

If you are an Xperia Owner give me a stone-cold he'll yeh in the comments & let me know are you using manual much mode much?

If the answer is no... Then you should learn how to.

So now do wanna see what iPhone XS max can do... Ok here it is, and whilst it's very detailed... I think you'll agree the Xperia 1 HDR is better.

Let me know if you disagree.

Pic 5 - Colour Test

xperia 1 vs iphone xs camera 9.jpg

A colourful basketball. Again the iPhone brightens the image has been brightened up nicely and has good colour saturation, but you'll notice a loss detail towards the top of the image.

So again I used manual mode with HDR and of course, I could have made the image as bright as the iPhone...but I chose not to.

I opted for faster shutter speed and darker EV level & I hope you'll agree the picture just looks better and more true to life.

That's what's great about manual settings is you have the creative control.

Pic 6. All Star BBQο»Ώ

xperia 1 vs iphone xs camera 10.jpg

So this is the Charbroil all-star BBQ. I made a video about this's one of those videos that I made that's quite off-topic from what I normally do...but awesome.

So once again I experimented with the settings. I opted for a darker image to bring out the deeper colours and you can see on the Charbroil logo it worked well.

Although I'll admit my manual HDR shot on the Xperia 1 looks way more stylised than the iPhone image.

The iPhone does a great job just delivering really good auto performance every time.

Pic 7. - Night Shots

xperia 1 vs iphone xs camera 11.jpg

Ok, an extreme night shot. I didn't have a tripod to hand so you'll notice a bit of blur on the Xperia image on the left but look at the difference in colours and details.

Also, the grass on the iPhone image isn't visible at all.

I just wish Sony Xperia 1 had some kind of stabilising software when taking night shots...because if it did it would have destroyed the iPhone in this one.

Let me know what you think.

Pic 8. - John Wick

xperia 1 HDR vs Xperia 12.jpg

It's John Wick and these photos are both taken on the Sony Xperia 1 because I want you guys to see how much more you can get from the Sony if you learn the manual mode and use HDR.

I just want a big thank you to you for watching. You're breathtaking.

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