SONY's Flagship not quite ship shape or waterproof?

So I really thought that sonys plans for the Z3+ and especially the Z5 would be water tight. As it seems Sony are now falling on their sword as it were. As one of there major weapons they used to lead with has now become a weakness, and lets be honest about this. If it doesn't work probably shouldn't have mentioned it. Maybe they just weren't paying the guy that designed it enough.

Sony put out this statement on there official website:

‘Remember not to use the device underwater. If you accidentally get the device wet with non-fresh water, wash the device under a faucet.’
The site goes on to explain: ‘Sony devices that are tested for their waterproof abilities are placed gently inside a container filled with tap water and lowered to a depth of 1.5 meters.

‘After 30 minutes in the container, the device is gently taken out and its functions and features are tested.’

Seems there is cause for concern especially with the first sentence. Remember not to use the device underwater. Anyway it seemed a little bit gimmicky to me in the first place...but definitly useful if you accidentally dropped in the toilet by accident while trying to do two things at once. 

I reckon they should through the whole underwater thing in the toilet and throw on some solar panels. at least that would be a feature you would use everyday.

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