Oneplus 5 Vs Sony Xperia XZ - Camera Comparison Tests

Oneplus 5 Vs Sony Xperia XZ - Camera Comparison Tests

Which phone has better cameras? Check out this camera field test and let me know which one won? Does the Oneplus have superior camera sensors or is the Sony Xperia XZ let me know!

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Xperia Z5 Shoot - BMX Pro Kris Kyle - Behind the scenes

These video's are from behind at the scenes at Red Bull Media House productions KALEIDOSCOPE shoot. Kriss Kyle the BMX pro puts his skills to the test in Glascow, whilst putting the Xperia Z5 camera to the test. Killing two birds with one stone as it birds were killed during the filming of these videos.   

The CURVED WALL featuring The Sony Xperia Z5's superior 0.03 Autofocus capabilities.

Check it out as Kriss literally wall rides a half pipe flipped on its side. The does 360 flip off it. What do you reckon would you give it a go? If you asked got to be flipping crazy! 

THE ROLLER COASTER RAIL - Featuring the Xperia Z5 5X Zoom

Ok so the great thing about roller coasters are that you're buckled in with lots of padding and safety measures in place. This stunt has none of that and Kriss flies off the rail and does a back flip. Now you would't want to happen a theme park. 

THE SPIRAL - Shot in 4K on the Xperia Z5 Smartphone.

Now when I think Spiral. i think death spiral, spiralling to your death, that kind of thing. However the fearless Kriss Kyle tackles this spiral head on and rolls with it. Check it out all shot in 4K on the Z5. Pretty amazing

THE FALLING L - feature the Z5 Steadyshot

So if you could see me prior to attempting a stunt or even just filming one like this. My hands would certainly not be steady. Anyway this stunt is soul shakingly amazing. Check out how the Z5 handles it.

look hear see...Another WhatGear inside scoop on the upcoming Sony Xperia Z6 due for launch in 2016. The chances are we will see the final completed version of the new Xperia at the MWC 2016. For now check out this WhatGear Word on the Street #WWOTS video and see what you think.

The WhatGear team were invited to the exclusive press event for the launch of the Z5 smartphone! It was cool and we got some unique videos for you.

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Xperia M4 Aqua - WhatGear Review

So I've had the pleasure of testing out the new Sony Xperia M4 Aqua. I have to be honest I wasn't really expecting a phone that could upstage my Galaxy Note. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the cameras on the Xperia M4 compared very well. In fact in many cases when using this phone outshone the Note.

Check out this mid range, Hi quality Xperia Smartphone, the M4 Aqua. The Xperia M4 has particularly good cameras and a 64bit Octacore processor and a slim design. Join Troy (The GamesMaster) in this new WhatGear series 'FIRST THOUGHTS' ...Its an unboxing video.

The Power of the XPERIA M4 Aqua

  • The processing speeds are fantastic! I ran into no problems backgrounding multiple apps and gaming.
  • The Cameras front and back are fantastic. The only issue... the screen quite often doesn't do your photos justice. Only once exported onto a higher-res screen do you really get the full effect and image quality.
  • The Battery life is good on standard mode but AMAZING on Sony's Stamina mode. For me, I receive mass amounts of social notifications. The Stamina mode also doubles up as a good way to silence them with out putting your phone on mute or vibrate. For those two reasons I'm a big fan of stamina mode.
  • Durability and Waterproofing. Now I did accidentally drop this and its so lightweight it kind of floated down like a feather...OK I exaggerate but I did take the knock very well. Had it been Apple's crystal sapphire unbreakable un-scratchable glass I think I'd have been in trouble.
  • Last but not least Micro SD. Need I say more? ;)

Catch up with Troy from WhatGear as he tests out the cameras on the Sony Xperia M4 Aqua. Check out how the camera quality differs on the Galaxy Note 3 (flagship) Vs the M4 Aqua (Mid Range) smartphones.

The Weakness of the XPERIA M4

  • The good thing about weakness is it can be strengthened in many cases. In my field test video I mentioned how I could not install my usual apps due to space. Since then Sony surprisingly rolled out an Xperia update, eradicating some of their bloat-ware (unnecessary apps). Which now means I have the ability to install everything I need and shift most of the data to external memory.
  • Battery life really suffered when using GPS. So I made a journey from London to Manchester which is about 3hrs I lost 80% battery before lunch that day. Not cool.
  • No Google Cardboard / VR Video support. For me as a creator of 360 content I was sad to see this not available.
  • It feels hollow like it lacking soul. While I appreciate the light weight the emptiness of it makes it feel a little flimsy to the touch.


look hear see...Another WhatGear inside scoop on the upcoming Sony Xperia Z6 due for launch in 2016. The chances are we will see the final completed version of the new Xperia at the MWC 2016. For now check out this WhatGear Word on the Street #WWOTS video and see what you think.

The Xperia M4 Aqua is a super fast, durable, energy efficient mid range phone. With cameras to rival and defeat many, if not all of its nearest competitors. The design is the usual SONY style omni-balance. Which I must admit makes it difficult to know if it the right way up when in my pocket... Stuff like that is important to me(I know first world problems...I know).

However the more I use this phone, the more content I am with its performance and features. It will be interesting to see if it will improve and sharpen up with age and updates. Or whether is will become soft and flimsy as wear and tear sets in and as takes on board the new Android Marshmellow.

The WhatGear team were invited to the exclusive press event for the launch of the Z5 smartphone! It was cool and we got some unique videos for you.

SONY's Flagship not quite ship shape or waterproof?

So I really thought that sonys plans for the Z3+ and especially the Z5 would be water tight. As it seems Sony are now falling on their sword as it were. As one of there major weapons they used to lead with has now become a weakness, and lets be honest about this. If it doesn't work probably shouldn't have mentioned it. Maybe they just weren't paying the guy that designed it enough.

Sony put out this statement on there official website:

‘Remember not to use the device underwater. If you accidentally get the device wet with non-fresh water, wash the device under a faucet.’
The site goes on to explain: ‘Sony devices that are tested for their waterproof abilities are placed gently inside a container filled with tap water and lowered to a depth of 1.5 meters.

‘After 30 minutes in the container, the device is gently taken out and its functions and features are tested.’

Seems there is cause for concern especially with the first sentence. Remember not to use the device underwater. Anyway it seemed a little bit gimmicky to me in the first place...but definitly useful if you accidentally dropped in the toilet by accident while trying to do two things at once. 

I reckon they should through the whole underwater thing in the toilet and throw on some solar panels. at least that would be a feature you would use everyday.

Check out the latest from Sony Xperia Z5 in classic WhatGear style. There's some really cool interesting new specs. The Z5 is shaping up to be a fantastic flagship phone....but is it cool enough for 007? watch this video and see.

Xperia M5 and Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Concentrates on Their Camera Features!

Sony Xperia C5 Ultra and Xperia M5 will concentrate on building quality camera features for selfies on their mid range, entry level phones. According to the Vinereport, Sony unveiled the Xperia M5 and Xperia C5 Ultra in a much anticipated high quality camera feature of a dual 13 megapixel camera.

Tagged as the PROselfie camera, the Sony Xperia C5 Ultra dons a Sony Exmore RS sensor and augments selfie pictures with its "Selfie Flash." In a statement made by Tony McNulty of Sony Mobile Communcations, the need for a high end camera feature on the next-Gen smartphones are very imperative that they decided to apply new technologies on their phone cameras through the Xperia C5 Ultra and Xperia M5.

The Xperia C5 Ultra runs on MediaTek  (MT6752) processor with a 6-inch full HD display. Its 2GB Random Access Memory and a built in 1Gb storage is expandable to a 200GB using a microSD card.

The Xperia 5, on the other hand, has a 21.5 megapixel rear facing camera with an extraordinary clear zoom feature. Its video capability can record a 4k resolution with a 13 megapixel front facing camera for better imaging and video calling. The Xperia M5 has a MediaTek Helio X10 processor with a 3GB Random Access Memory. Its built in storage will be 16GB during its market entry, but is also expandable to 200GB using a microSD card. The Xperia M5 has a 2,600mAH battery that could last up to two days, a feature that may slightly differ from other smartphones that needs to be re-charged everyday.

According to the Sony MobileBlog, the Xperia M5 is particularly designed to be waterproof and "dust tight." Its charging feature that is also a USB type is said to be cap less in order to provide a faster and easier charging of the device. What's unique about the Xperia M5 is its ability to be cleansed under the tap to remove dust and other foreign particles. Consumers don't have to worry about using the Xperia M5 under the rain.

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