Oneplus 5 Vs Sony Xperia XZ - Camera Comparison Tests

Oneplus 5 Vs Sony Xperia XZ - Camera Comparison Tests

Which phone has better cameras? Check out this camera field test and let me know which one won? Does the Oneplus have superior camera sensors or is the Sony Xperia XZ let me know!

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Have you heard of 4K? What about 48K... Check it out here

So Sony are out pioneering once again with another WORLDS FIRST. This time they have managed to harness the power of 12 Xperia Z5 Smartphones & 8 well known instagrammers to put together this unique video.

All this took place at the Rise Ski & Snowboard Festival in Grenoble, home to the largest skiable glacier in Europe. 

The Xperia Z5 has many attributes but SONY put a key focus on its Camera tech. With super fast auto focus, X5 Digital zoom at the disposal, the well known instagrammers put the Z5 to the test...Not sure why I wasn't invited though.

Instagrammers who took part included - @akusepp, @le_petit_francais,@christianmcld, @mesvoyagesaparis, @s_timmung,@ahtlaqdmm, @peppyhere and @berriestagram. 

So here it is the Worlds First 48K 360 video. There is only one problem. YouTube will not allow a video upload of 48K. Which means SONY had no option other than to upload in 4K, which is far more than ok by todays standards. I'm sure one day when 48K becomes the norm we will see this video in its entirety. For now check this out and don't forget to use the little arrows in the top corner to look around .

Also if you're interested in seeing how I got on with the Xperia Z5 on my mission to Google HQ London. You can check this video out. Xperia Z5 Vs Oneplus 2 - Camera Test . It was a good day and a fun little experiment.

Ever wondered how the Oneplus 2 camera compares to the Xperia Z5...? * If you enjoy this video hit subscribe and you will be one of the Finest Subscribers known to Mankind! In this review you will see me testing the two handsets video, audio and photographic features in bright light and low light scenarios.

SONY Develop a SUPER battery that holds 40% more power!

Could this mean that we at getting closer to the day where we can have two days battery without choking the power usage? The answer is yes and no, because this tech will not be seen until 2020 apparently.

For now fast charging is the solution for most upcoming handsets. On that topic, the rising star company Huawei have designed a battery that can charge nearly 50% in just 5mins. 

look hear see...Another WhatGear inside scoop on the upcoming Sony Xperia Z6 due for launch in 2016. The chances are we will see the final completed version of the new Xperia at the MWC 2016. For now check out this WhatGear Word on the Street #WWOTS video and see what you think.

BRAVIA S85c 4K Curved TV - Review

2015 Sony Bravia Curved Android 4K LED TV * Check out this review and round up on this spectacular TV from SONY CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE COOL STUFF : WHATGEAR.NET BRAVIA W8 UNBOXING : BRAVIA X8 REVIEW :

Sony's new Android TV range is here. This might be one of the best in performance and value. Join Troy from WhatGear in this first impressions video.

Sony's flagship 4k TV. Is it a sight for sore eyes..? or an eye sore? Let me know what you think. Leave a comment @WhatGearRrviews

Sony return with a new curved 4k TV check it out! * Did you know that in fact created the worlds first curved LED TV A Preview review of what we can expect to see from Sony's first curved 4K tv. Enjoy the video.

SONY - FES Watch

Check it out a new Sony product to go on sale soon. It's a watch. Yes it is just a watch. who would have thought Sony would release just a watch. I mean surely it's got to have some kind if motion tracking or heart rate monitoring, a camera or something...

There is something very special about this time piece. It seems that keeping things simple and stripping an idea back to the single component that makes it good,is not a bad idea. Why do I say this? Take a look at this video.

There was so much hype around this product. It did not live up to it. Although the E paper idea was fantastic in my opinion. So how about an entire watch including the strap made up of e paper. Which means you can change the look whenever you want.

This to me is wow and I would definitely wear one. I'm the owner of a Galaxy Neo smartwatch and despite all its functionality. I always leave the Bluetooth off. It drains my phone and watch batteries too quickly. I only use it for the look and to tell the time and it doesn't do that well.

What do you think of the Sony FES Watch? I personally don't like the name.

Xperia Z5 4k BMX - Kaleidoscope Video

So if your into xtreme sports. You might be extremely interested in an extreme sport shot on an Xperia Z5 in 4K. By the expert film makers from Red Bull Media House. 

BMX Legend Kriss Kyle takes center stage at Glascow's Kaleidoscope arena. With the combination of the Xperia Z5, Red Bull and Kriss Kyle. We can fully expect to see an amazingly unique 4K video series. Which is due to be released 10th November 2015. Take a look at the official trailer below.

So... some say that Sony's camera technology is the best in the business, and that Chris Kyle pulls of more death defying tricks than David Blaine on a daily basis... and that Red Bull gave this video and Chris Kyle wings.


In this exclusive videos series Kriss gears up to perform 5 of the world's first ever tricks. All shot on a device that can capture and store 4k photos and videos, and fits right there in your pocket.

This video series will be called Kaleidoscope because it's colourful and moving. Sony would like you to be moved, but that's not what I meant. In this video Kriss performs death defying tricks in the Glasgow Kaleidoscope arena with actual moving parts.

Anyway moving on. If you ask me.The Kaleidoscope in Glascow looks like it might be one of the finest extreme sports venues known to man.

Kriss Kyle commented: “Kaleidoscope has really required me to take my riding up a level and ended up being the biggest challenge I have ever faced, so I wanted to capture every single moment on camera. Throughout the experience, I was able to look back at my riding and see exactly how it looked.  The Xperia Z5 Premium has a truly amazing 4K screen, which meant I could watch each second in the highest quality and see the finer details of every line ridden.”

Director Ben Scott: “I have been on film sets all of my career, and have seen most things, but nothing really prepares you for an athlete coming to you in the middle of a shooting day and saying, ‘you know that 38 foot drop combo, well, I thought I might do it backwards.’ Now that’s scary.”

I don't know about you but I am super excited to see just how good the Z5 camera is, and just how good Kriss Kyle is at dropping 38feet backwards without breaking his neck.

Stay tuned to WhatGear for a full Xperia Z5 review and if you would like some comedy. Check out the WhatGear Word on the Street video below. We put it together prior to the Z5 launch. Also check out the WhatGear Xperia Z5 launch event cover from the Getty Image gallery London.

The WhatGear team were invited to the exclusive press event for the launch of the Z5 smartphone! It was cool and we got some unique videos for you.

Check out the latest from Sony Xperia Z5 in classic WhatGear style. There's some really cool interesting new specs. The Z5 is shaping up to be a fantastic flagship phone....but is it cool enough for 007? watch this video and see.

Sony Launch - YouView App...finally

FINALLY the app android TV owners have been waiting the UK. Check it out a quick run through of what it is. YOUVIEW is a scrollback TV app with all the uk tv channels on demand.

SONY - Ultra Short Throw 4k Projecter

NEW* It is finally here, all of Sony's S UHD/4K expertise in a slightly less intimidating frame. With sony's 'PERFECT' curve. It really looks nice and cool....check it out let me know what you think?

So... check this out! Newly announced at the 2015 CES. The NEW Sony flagship X9 is back...and it looks like she's lost some weight. Check out this WhatGear Style preview. This TV looks amazing! check it out

Sony's flagship 4k TV. Is it a sight for sore eyes..? or an eye sore? Let me know what you think. Leave a comment @WhatGearRrviews

Missed the Big SONY Playstation Event Yesterday?

You don't need to worry because you can catch up on what you missed right here!

Paris Games Week: Media Briefing

SONY's 5.1 surround sound soundbar! HT-RT5

Check it out! Another WhatGear review from WhatGear: Sony's description: Get the authentic home cinema experience from a compact system including a slim sound bar and wireless rear speakers. Just plug in the HT-RT5 and instantly enjoy 550W of 5.1ch real surround sound.

Immersive cinematic surround sound meets outstanding High-Resolution Audio. With the HT-ST9, you'll enjoy sonic perfection whether you watch, listen, or play. @WhatGearReviews **Wisdomous** ;)

So are you after even more bass in your face? and a reasonably priced home entertainment system. Then you should check out this review of the SONY ht gt1!

Whether wall-mounted or flat, the beautiful HT-NT3 matches stylish, streamlined design with outstanding High-Resolution Audio for a breath-taking listening experience.

NEW* Similar to the HT ST7, but different. But still pretty awesome. Check out the details we have so far. ENJOY ;)

Don't miss the Playstation Live Stream from Paris Gaming week!

WhatGears got your back making sure you know what the crack is with playstation in 2016! Sony will be broadcasting live from Paris and hopefully we'll see some big announcements.

The stream goes live 27th October thats next Tuesday 6PM uk time which means its 10AM Pacific. You can watch it here and remember never cross the will reduce buffering.

I'm fully expecting to see more Uncharted 4. Anyway for now you can check out this series recap from WhatGear people seemed to like it :)

So with the next Uncharted adventure around the corner. Lets take a quick look back at the previous editions, and see what I made of the new teasers the Naughty Dog have released....

Also WhatGear will be in attendance live at the roundhouse in London's Camden town for the Xbox launch of Halo Guardians. We shall be live streaming and oh yes we will be filming in the round house in #360video...which might be another worlds first for WhatGear.