Galaxy S10 Vs Oneplus 7 Pro Camera Comparison - With Oxygen OS 9.5.7 update

So let me kick this off by saying a big thank you to the people at OnePlus & for making this video possible. Vodafone a launching 5G any day now... Go check them out for the latest price updates.



Galaxy S10 Vs Oneplus 7 Pro Camera Comparison 1.jpg

So photo 1. A night shot with some street lighting of my favorite cinema in North London. Both of these were shot using the night mode setting on both devices. So both phones take a long exposure whilst stabilizing the shot. Both were taken handheld.

As you can see there are a few major differences between the two devices. Most notably the brightness of the OnePlus 7 pro photo. The darker blues in the sky on the Samsung Galaxy S10.

When it comes to the exposure you can see the highlights around the lettering on the front of the cinema blowing out just a bit on the S10 photo.

Also if you look at the left side of the building you'll also notice the OnePlus 7 pro is picking up significantly more detail around the neon lights. I think this is likely due to the Sony 48MP imx sensor in the OP7pro.


Galaxy S10 Vs Oneplus 7 Pro Camera Comparison 2.jpg

Ok, the 2nd photo shot in a very dark setting. I tried my best to get the dog to sit still she just wouldn't. My apologies. However, you get a good idea of the difference between the two.

One thing that really caught my eye about this photo is the raindrops on the grass & the better color saturation on the OP7. The Galaxy S10 does a good job also...but It's got to be the OnePlus 7 pro on this one...doesn't it?


Galaxy S10 Vs Oneplus 7 Pro Camera Comparison 3.jpg

Ok, so this one was taken directly into the night sky. It had to be around 11 pm when I took this. Honestly, both phones blew me away here. Standing there I honestly couldn't see any of those colors in the sky. It was just black. That's why these photos surprised me so much.

I feel that the brightness and saturation are better on the OP7pro and the detail is more on the side of the Samsung Galaxy S10. I personally prefer the OnePlus 7 pro photo. But what about you.


night selfy.jpg

Ok, a night selfie. I didn't use the flash on either device. I think this photo will give you a good idea of actually how dark it was.

So the Galaxy S10 here is doing a good job of brightening my face however losing a lot of detail in the shadows on the right side of my face. There also seems to be quite a bit of noise in the sky.

The OnePlus 7 seems to have bumped up the saturation and smoothed out the image a bit also. However, I do look a bit green like I'm just about to turn in to the Hulk or something.

Now don't judge the night performance of these devices purely off of this. It was incredibly dark were I standing in this one.


Galaxy S10 Vs Oneplus 7 Pro Camera Comparison day
Galaxy S10 Vs Oneplus 7 Pro Camera Comparison detail

So believe it or not it was actually really sunny in London... For one day. It's been rainy ever since. Any way the photos. So the Samsung Galaxy S10 has added a significant amount of saturation and boosted the highlights. You can see this quite clearly on the dog's nose.

The OP7 pro is delivering quite a natural picture overall. Nothing seems to let's zoom in 70%.

So looking a little closer at this you can see a lot of differences. The dog's fur appears to be much smoother on the OnePlus 7 as opposed the S10, there seems to be more texture on the Galaxy S10. It's hard to say which one is better here. So I'm interested to know what you think. Use the poll or leave a comment.


day 3 portrait.jpg

Ok, a portrait shot of my Beats Studio 3. I made a video about this that I think you guys might like. Anyway...the photos. So before you ask the lens was not smudged on the S10. There was a very bright shaft of light shining through the trees here.

I actually really like both of the photos even with the lens flare on the S10 photo. In terms of background blur the Galaxy S10 is creating more blur but the OnePlus 7 pro is not far behind. I felt that lens flair made this one a little difficult to judge so I took another portrait photo back at the lab.

So check this out. It's John Wick baba yaga. Did you see John Wick 3 yet...what an awesome film that was?

So again more blur on the Galaxy S10 which you can clearly see. Although you might notice the sharpness around the edges of the boogyman seems to be better on the OnePlus 7... However, the S10 has a feature that allows you to add some awesome effects to the background blur...check this out.

That's awesome.


Ok, now the zoom test. So you probably can see it but around 30 miles in this direction the London know that really tall pointy building in central London. Anyway, let's optical zoom.

Can you see it yet? Now let's 10x digital zoom. So now you can see it. In terms of detail, it's too close to call. One thing is for sure the saturation is on the side of the S10 but there does seem to be some noise in the foreground details.


Galaxy S10 Vs Oneplus 7 Pro Camera Comparison hdr

Ok, now an extra high dynamic range shot. The sun was literally right behind that cloud at the top. So again another close one to call. The black levels and highlights are certainly higher on the OP7...the S10 is doing a good job of not losing details in the shadows...but that's what is causing that mistiness on the left side of the photo.

Which one do you like?

Ok, let's here's a couple of selfies of my ugly mug & I'm not going to leave these up to you to decide. Use the polls up in the corner to vote & then vote for your overall winner.

If there's anything I've left out of this that you would like to see. Let me know and I'll post those photos for you on my twitter.


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