Oneplus 7 Pro vs iPhone XS Max Camera Comparison

ironman bust.jpg

Picture one taken in artificial light inside the comic con. Yes it's a busy of Ironman made out of foam. Looks pretty awesome right?

The iPhone whilst delivering a decent photo with good detail seems to be quite a bit darker than the OP7pro. This is likely due to its smaller image sensor.

The OP7pro photo on the other hand appears to have more detail, more accurate colours. It's not crushing the blacks as much as the iphone. Generally speaking I think the OP wins this one. What do you think?

ironman oneplus 7.jpg

Ok it's Ironman once again. This time shot in very bright natural lighting conditions. Again the iPhone is producing a darker picture. It's crushing the black levels again, and has a lot more shadow. and you can really see that if you look at the Joker on the right side of the picture. I gotta give it to the op7 again.

lara croft oneplus 7 pro.jpg

So now a selfie portrait on the two devices. Many thanks to the lady playing Lara Croft. So there are some significant differences here on the iPhone a truly amazing amount of blurry background, but the  subject of the image is quite misty. It almost appears to have a sort of smokey mist over the entire photo.

The OP7 however has delivered a very crisp photo. There doesn't seem to be any softness to the photo. I don't feel it's over sharpening the image and I personally think the skin tones are more accurate. The amount of background blur is not quite a much as the iPhone but it's pretty decent...don't you think?

oneplus 7 pro bokeh.jpg

Ok rear camera portrait. Again the iPhone delivering more blur. But what is interesting here is the colours. It seems to me that in portrait mode the iPhone is doing a better job. The OP7 seems to a lot brighter and a bit more washed out. I'm sure this is something OP can improve in software...but I think you got to give this one to the iPhone.

oneplus 7 pro colour.jpg

Now colour test. Shot many of you are fortnite fans? Anyway. I've done quite a few camera comparisons with the iPhone, and it almost always seems to ad a warmer tint to photos...which you can see here.

The OP7pro once again with its larger image sensor is delivering a brighter image with vibrant colours and not too much dark shadows. The iPhone however much darker and deeper colours plus way more shadows.

When it comes to colour accuracy, I'd say OP7 is doing better. You may disagree...if so leave a comment.

Now a detail shot. So there was some kind of cosplay gathering out from. The lighting conditions were good...but what I want to show you here is how much detail the cameras can pick up.

So I zoomed way way way in to this photo in post editing. So you guys can see the difference in detail here's Thor God of Thunder holding storm breaker. I'm actually really impressed with how the OP7 is doing here. There's not too much distortion or pixelation, compared to the iPhone. What do you think? Does the OP7 win this one?

oneplus 7 pro HDR.jpg

This is Chewbacca, Chewbacca is a wooky who chooses to live on endor with a bunch of 2ft tall ewoks....that does not make sense.

I took this shot to demonstrate HDR. Due to the pretty heavy backlighting through the windows, I think this will suffice.

I think you will agree both phones are delivering impressive detail...but the shades of colour coming from the OP7 look better to me. I seems to me that the strong lighting is affecting how much detail the iPhone is able to take in in the foreground of the photo. OP7 wins?

These last 4 photos I'm gonna leave for you to decide which one wins. So there will be polls up in the top right corner for you to let me know. Also I'd love to here you feedback in the comments.

Hope you guys enjoyed this daylight camera comparison if you're interested in seeing a low light photography comparison. Make sure you subscribe to WhatGear and turn on the notifications for that video. In the meantime check out some of my other camera shootouts...and I'll see you in the next one don't be late.


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