Honor View 20 Vs Pixel 3 Camera Comparison

Here are two of the very best smartphone cameras available today. It's time for another shootout! It's the Honor View 20 Vs Pixel 3 Camera Comparison 2019. Both phones have the latest updates, so you may see different results than you have seen in other videos.

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PHOTO ONE - Rear Camera Shooter

pic1 rear.jpg

So here is a picture of the mighty Kaya. Both cameras are showing amazing clarity as you would expect. The main differences here is warmth of the Pixel 3xl picture and cool tones on the Honor View 20.

When it comes to colour accuracy I would probably lean towards the Pixel 3 picture. However details details and sharpness on the view 20 is just awesome.

PHOTO TWO - The Selfie Shooters

pic2 selfy.jpg

Here's a selfie of me pulling a stupid face. The skin tones on the Pixel look awesome. Definitely got a bit of Color in my face there, and the again the Honor view 20 a slightly cooler picture. One thing I noticed that is quite different here, is the amount of extra detail the view 20 is picking up through my sunglasses.

PHOTO THREE - The Portrait Mode

pic3 portrait.jpg

This is a portrait shot on booth the phones of my sunglasses. Some of you guys have asked what model these Raybans are... I'll link them below. So back blurry background analysis. I would say both are an equally splendid job here. Although the Google Pixel 3 is applying slightly more blur & you can see this at the bottom right hand corner of the picture.

A nice feature that the Pixel 3 has when come to selfies if the wide angle lens... A really fantastic addition.

PHOTO 4 - Harsh backlight

So on screen I tapped the sun as the point of focus on both devices. I think this where that 48MP sensor in the View 20 really shines. It just able to capture more information even in this extreme light condition.

pic4 extreme light.jpg

PHOTO FIVE - Detail Shot

So here's a fifty pence piece. What's interesting here is now the View 20 has warmer colours and the Pixel slightly cooler. This is probably because of the AI camera on the Honor V20. So I'm using this shot to demonstrate how much detail the two devices can capture. Let's zoom in and take a closer look.

You really see the wear and tear on both coins. It's a really close one to call... I'm going rely on your opinion here. Which one has better details.

PHOTO SIX - Colours

pic7 colour.jpg

Here a colour shot of some daffodils. The first thing you will probably notice is the depth colour being a little better on the Pixel 3XL. Also a report green too.

Although some of you may prefer colours on the Honor View 20. I've added a poll here so you can cast your votes. So let me know what you think here. Which one won this one?

PHOTO SEVEN - Low Light Indoor

night 4 cap.jpg

Here is Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel. An awesome film by the way. So this was just in very lighting conditions. The Pixel really surprised me here as you can see the white balance is perfect. Really impressed with this.

The Honor view 20 has a sort of orange hue, which is kind of accurate as there was a small lamp with a tungsten bulb in the corner of the room.

I have to say the Pixel clearly wins here...but in pitch black the V20 does have an advantage with its pro mode which will allow you to take a 30 sec long exposure.

PHOTO EIGHTH - Low Light Outdoor

night 3.jpg

So this is a pretty cool photo of a very cool cinema. Anyway, I shot both pics with the specific night mode settings and you can see a couple differences.

The pixel has much less blur around the lights under the sign, this is due to quickness in which the Pixel 3 can snap a low light photo. The View 20 takes a bit longer hence a little bit of blur.

However the view 20 is showing more details on the white backlit board at the entrance, and that's probably due to that longer exposure time.

PHOTO NINE - Low Light Neon

So here's a similar shot taken at close range. A big difference here. This is likely caused by the different software used on each device.

The View 20 is clearly focusing in on the neon lights and the Pixel is focused on the bigger picture. But as a result slightly overexposing the neon sign.

Overall which one do you think is better... Good burgers here by the way.

PHOTO TEN - Low light detail

So I live in London...it's cold and rains a lot. As you can see in this photo. Both cameras doing a great job here, but the Pixels image is brighter and when we zoom in the clarity is also on the pixels side.

Again this due to that longer exposure time the View 20 has. The image processing is just so impressive in low light on the Pixel 3. So I think the Pixel edges out the View 20 here. With that said had I had a tripod with me for the View 20 I'm sure I could have got a better image from the Honor... But it was raining and I didn't have time for that.


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