MWC 2019 Qualcomm Booth Tour - 5G Avengers Assemble

What many of you might already know is that Qualcomm Tech is at the core of almost all the Android flagships smartphones you've seen on the market so far. Going into 2019 the trend continues.

This year Qualcomm has introduced the most power 7nm processor to date. The SUPER Snapdragon 855. We will a significant jump forward in processing power and power efficiency and connectivity with all the phones utilising the Snapdragon 855 and Snapdragon X50 modems.

I got a chance to check out some of these 5G devices at the MWC 2019. Be sure to check out my MWC19 Highlights video here. The Best Phones at MWC 2019

On the Qualcomm booth, they were demonstrating a variety of Qualcomm tech. Let start with Automotive.

AUTONOMOUS DRIVING - One day you'll be able to fall asleep at the wheel

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155.jpg

So Qualcomm had a mock-up of an autonomous vehicle on display, demonstrating the power of the NEW Snapdragon 8155 Gen 3. This incredible processor can power up to six displays as well as all your infotainments need. Be ready to start seeing this new tech popping up in vehicles of the future very soon.

Also, onboard this space-aged vehicle was the Qualcomm CV2x which is a device to device safety system. With the 5G era officially here, and connectivity becomes ever more prevalent. The CV2x will be able to detect and monitor the surroundings of your vehicle. For example, it will know where pedestrians, cyclist, street lights and other vehicles are relative to your vehicle. The dream is that tech like the CV2x warning system will keep us all safer when commuting.


Oneplus & Oppo also had a stand the Qualcomm MWC19 booth. They were demonstrating the power of 5G cloud game streaming. Booth devices on display where streaming hi resolution games all the way from the Shadow service in Amsterdam.

snapdragon X55.jpg

The major difference between 5G cloud gaming & 4G is the latency. This is incredibly important to gamers. There is nothing worse than a laggy connection when playing me I know.

To put this into perspective for you, 4G at best can deliver 70 millisecond latency. Whereas 5G can deliver games to you in full quality with just 15 millisecond latency speeds. That's the difference between life & death in the gaming world.

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CONNECTED ACCESSORIES - Smartwear Everywhere

While Qualcomm is most well known for Flagship Smartphone processors, they also have a big part to play in Smart wearables. Everything from smartwatches, fitness trackers, headphones (like my Sony WH-1000XM3) and even augmented reality spectacles.


Yes, these Clark Kent glasses have a superpower! An augmented heads up display. Unfortunately, I didn't get to try them. They kind of remind of the glasses the secret agents use in that film Kingsman. Did you see that film?

Some of the Smartwatches on display were sporting the new Qualcomm Snapdragon wear 3100 processor. If you want to learn more about what's new with Snapdragon wear check this video out - Snapdragon Wear 3100

5G Server Demo - LG V50 ThinQ & Dual Screens

LG had an interesting stand where they were demonstrating the flexibility of the new Snapdragon X50 modem. When it comes to 5G waves there are two bands. Millimeter wave and Sub6. The dominance of either one will vary from country to country.


The LG demo showed how one device utilized as a server could stream full HiRes content from device to device over 5G. With one device using Sub6 and the other Millimeter wave. I can tell you it works extremely well.

Also, LG had a cool looking dual screen setup. It was not quite a folding phone scenario but still impressive none the less. This might be the coolest phone cover you can get on a smartphone...a second full quality screen. More on that in another WhatGear video.

5G 4K HDR Video - Sony X1 5G prototype

sony xperia 5G.jpg

Although Sony didn't officially announce a 5G device at MWC 2019. They did, however, show us that it is something they are working on. On display at the Sony stand was a pretty bulky 21:9 prototype 5G device.

This year it seems that Sony's focus for the Xperia lineup is the new 'Cinewide' displays. With the Sony Xperia 1 have the worlds first 4K HDR OLED screen on a mobile device. So the importance of 5G when it comes to delivering this kind of content is paramount... and yes now with 5G it is possible.

If you want to learn more about the Xperia 1 smartphone watch this WhatGear Video : Xperia 1 release date


snapdragon 8cx.jpg

Back in December Qualcomm announced their NEW Snapdragon 8CX processor. This chip was built from the ground up for PC purposes. What this means is we will see a giant leap for mankind in terms of battery life on snapdragon powered PC's. (watch this video for more details.

In terms of what this thing can do. The Snapdragon 8CX CPU performance is comparable to that of an Intel i5, and its graphics processing power is comparable that of the i7. On top of that just imagine 25 hours continuous use battery capabilities. That's what the SD 8CX will bring to the table.

EXTEND YOUR REALITY - 5G will broaden our horizons

VR & AR has been around for while now and it's always improving. We saw the emergence of the new Microsoft Hololens 2 at the MWC19. Many of the VR devices on the forefront are rocking Qualcomm tech, such as the HTC Vive and Oculus rifts. At the booth Qualcomm they had various demo's showing how powerful these experiences can be.

qualcomm extended reality.jpg

One day we could all have in Tony Stark (Ironman) augmented interactive computer in our homes. Only we won't need to have a desktop computer because Qualcomms advancements in this field are becoming more and more advanced.

With 5G streaming, we will see a day where you can use a VR headset and actually be on the sidelines of your favorite sporting events in VR. Something tells me a new VR streaming service are going to start popping up soon.

There where plenty more demo's to see at the MWW Qualcomm booth, such as the NEW ultrasonic fingerprint sensor as seen in the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the all NEW Qualcomm codec the AptX Adaptive. Which I made a video about click here if you want to check that out.

cristiano amon.jpg

The long story short. Qualcomm's president Cristiano Amon assembled the 5G Avengers at the booth for Champagne toast. All the major players from the world of Android smartphones and all the major mobile operators. The 5G era is here and this is just the beginning.

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