Oneplus 7 Pro Google Camera Vs Stock Camera

Pic 1 Night

I think you'll agree that it's pretty close. There are a few differences I see here. 1st one being brightness on the grass on the Google camera photo, and darker shadows on the OP7 pro stock photo.

oneplus 7 pro Gcam photo 1.jpg

With stock camera photo it is losing a little detail there in the shadows but not so much it's ruining the image. You can really see what I mean when you look at the right-hand side under the tree on the Gcam pic.

Pic 2 Night

Ok, the classic up into the night sky shot. Again much brighter greens on the grass, although there is a slightly orange hue to the Gcam.

oneplus 7 pro Gcam photo 2.jpg

When you look at the concrete in the foreground on the OP7pro I believe it's a more accurate representation. Also, I do like the deeper blues in the sky on the stock photo. However, when you look a the light gradient coming from behind the tree it reaches a little further up on the Gcam photo.

Pic 3 Night

So this was a pretty extreme low light setting. What interesting here is now the OP7 sock photo has a more orange hue and the Gcam is a cooler blue.

oneplus 7 pro gcam 3.jpg

When it comes to sharpness the OP7pro stock image is better. This might be because Gcam used a slightly longer exposure the image. I'll admit this not the best picture in the world but it should give you an idea of the differences in camera software.

Pic 4 Night

So a Selfy with very dark foreground bright background. Quite a challenging condition. On the OP7pro stock photo, the camera is adjusting to the backlighting which is causing the image to darken a bit.

Night 4.jpg

Whereas the Gcam has bumped up the iso an incredible amount, which is making me much more visible but with quite a bit of noise as a result.

Pic 5 Night

Ok a No light photo. Literally, there was the tiniest amount of light coming from the left side. And here is where the Gcam shows it's true colors quite literally.

Night 5.jpg

The Stock cam used a 1/4 sec exposure and the Gcam slightly longer at 1/3. And you can the difference. Its clear win for the Gcam here.


Pic 1 Day

Immediately I'm sure you notice the orange warmer tones on the Gcam and a natural and neutral tone on the OP7pro stock. Both actually look awesome in my opinion however I prefer the blues particularly in the sky on the OP7.

day 1.jpg

Pic 2 Day

So again we see a similar trend with the warm tones on the Gcam, cooler tones on the stock. Details and background blur is almost identical so really it comes down to personal preference here. Which one would you choose as the winner here?

day 2.jpg

Pic 3 Day

So this is the portrait mode and this for me is one area that the OP7pro camera still needs improvement. I really stand quite far away for the portrait mode to kick in, and while it's delivery good background blur the focal point of the photo is a little soft and washed out.

day 3.jpg

The results of the Gcam portrait pic is interesting because the camera at the center looks amazingly sharp and the background blur looks strangely digital. I wish I had taken this shot again with the lens blur mode with the Gcam, I think the results would have been much better.

Pic 4 Day

day 4.jpg

Oqk, a selfie and there are pros and cons for both. The stock photo is well balanced although my skin tones look a little too pale. I am definitely a little more tanned than that.

However not as tanned as Gcam is showing. It seems the saturation and contrast on the Gcam is a little too high in my opinion...and it's creating a bit of graininess on my face.

Pic 5 Day

day 5.jpg

Back at the house, I took this one to test the black levels. So it's almost identical. But there's a couple of things I prefer about the Gcam image & it's the deeper reds and blacks and better details on the artificial grass. What do you think?

Pic 6 Day

It's John Wick. Now, this was kind on medium light condition. I feel saturation is higher on the stock camera. You can really see that in the blue backlighting.

day 6.jpg

The Gcam is overall brighter in all areas. If you look at John suit you will notice more details than on the stock camera. It's a minor difference, its to close to call let me know which one looks better to you.


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