Sony Xperia 1 Vs Oneplus 7 Pro Camera | @ Hyper Japan 2019

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Anyway shall we begin...let's begin?

Pic 1.

sony xperia 1 vs oneplsu 7 pro camera 1.jpg

So this was stalls I stumbled across and they had those cool little Japanese wooden dolls...if anyone knows the actual name for these leave that in the comments.

Anyway, it's a good warm-up photo, because the lighting was good, there's quite a lot of colours in the shot. So first off you'll notice the Sony doing an amazing job when comes to delivering rich colours

The OnePlus 7 Pro is also a great job with the brightness. You can see that clearly on the wood tones. They are just so different in the two photos.

I think when it comes to colours I've got to go with the Sony, but you might have noticed the OnePlus 7 pro is dealing with brightest areas of the photo a little better.

Pic 2.

sony xperia 1 vs oneplus 7 pro camera 2.jpg

So this is a rear camera portrait of a Japanese style waffle with ice-cream and m& was pretty damn good if I do say so myself.

Anyway when it comes to the amount of background blur. It's pretty even. When comes to edge detection the Sony Xperia 1 is just softening the top edge of the waffle just a little bit.

The OnePlus 7 Pro photo is certainly brighter and has more orange tones to it which looks great.

With that said I think the colours on the Sony Xperia 1 are more natural. So again both phones doing great in different areas.

Pic 3.

sony xperia 1 vs oneplus 7 pro camera 3.jpg

Ok... a portrait Selfy... On the OnePlus 7 Pro, it seems to be adding more blur than the Xperia 1. And you can see that in the background. the signs are just a bit less readable.

The Xperia 1 image is much warmer and I look like I have a really good tan...and that's a good thing. Maybe the Sony superior auto is beautifying the image a bit. However, when comes to the Selfy cam colours I think the OP7 pro might be more accurate.

I only say this because of the grey colour on my hoodie. It's a close one again.

Pic 4

So... This a detail test & this stand seemed to be quite popular at the show...not sure why.

Anyway. Brightness once again on the side of the OnePlus 7 Pro and the colours are just really awesome on the Sony Xperia 1.

Now let's zoom in 60% in post-production and check the details. So on closer inspection, the Xperia appears to have better sharpness with a little bit more texture.

The OnePlus 7 Pro image is much softer with less contrast. When it comes to detail there's quite a visible difference in the background...however this might be due to the aperture differences.

Which one...

Ok, now some video & audio tests. There were some Aikido check the video out.

Pic 5.

sony xperia 1 vs oneplus 7 pro camera 7.jpg

So here's another selfie. Except for this time it's not my ugly mug. Instead, behold... I found a cosplayer. Now this one was taken in portrait, although there's not much in the background.

Anyway this time it's the Xperia 1 which is brighter. The highlights on the Xperia 1 image is so much brighter and you can see that on her hair.

The OnePlus 7 Pro image is much sharper all-around has great details. With that said one area the Xperia 1 is doing a great job is in the details around her eyes.

The next two images I'll leave for you guys to decide. Just put picture number and your comment.

Lens tests

Ok so both devices are triple shooters & if you didn't know the OnePlus 7 Pro actually uses Sony sensors. Anyway let's see what the 3 different lenses can do, shall we?

Ok, so this is the primary... pretty close in details. Very different in colour. Now the ultrawide. Unfortunately, the Sony wouldn't let me shoot in 1:1 aspect ratio...but look how much wider it is. Now the telephoto...the OP7 goes a little further.

And now maximum digital zoom using the zoom lens. Let me know what you think about the results here on these two triple shooter flagships.

So it's hyper Japan...and of course, I had to find a bonsai tree for you guys. I've got so say both phones are really awesome. Although I must say the Sony Xperia 1 really nails it with the colours contrast.

The OnePlus 7 Pro also does a good job but it's maybe adding just a bit too much brightness to the whites on the tree branches.

sony xperia 1 vs oneplus 7 pro camera 15.jpg

So now is the time to decide which one won! Use the poll up in the top right corner of the video. Once you do that you will see what everyone else is voting for.

Hyper Japan was awesome. I highly recommend you guys check it out if you get a chance. If you want to see these two phones head to head in a night shootout hit this thumbnail on-screen now.


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