No Headphone Jack... No Problem - Qualcomm AptX Adaptive is Here

So when it comes to audio Codecs Qualcomm have been developing the APTX technology for over 30 years. The AptX codec has even been used in mainstream cinematography, for example, the legendary Steven Spielberg used AptX codecs in the production of Jurassic Park.


Back then AptX was only available in the professional filmmaking industry. Fast forward to today, 4 out of 5 consumer devices support some form of AptX audio. There is, in fact, more than 1 Billion devices in existence right now supporting AptX.

So what’s NEW with the recently announced Qualcomm AptX Adaptive codec? Just to skim the surface, Qualcomm has had a focus on three main areas for improvement. The Robustness, The Audio quality and of course... the answer smartphone gamers nightmare latency (LAG).

Qualcomm Aptx Adaptive review

Robustness - UPGRADED

The Qualcomm AptX codec will be fully backward compatible. Meaning the original AptX & AptX HD codecs are also supported. AptX Adaptive will intelligently adapt to RF signal strengths and the file source you are using. This will give your device the ability to make adjustments on the fly to deliver the best audio playback experience your device is capable of.

The bad news is this AptX codec will only available for devices supporting Android P, so if you’re a bit of an audiophile & you’re still rocking an older Android device that’s not going to support Android P in the future….then now might be the time to upgrade.

Audio Quality - IMPROVED

So with the new adaptive capabilities of the new AptX, we will see...or should I say hear an improvement in an audio quality. So if you’re listening to CD quality / HiRes audio files you will really hear very near to the full quality on launch date.

aptx adaptive hi res audio

AptX Adaptive will support playback up to 24bit/48kHz, and I heard in the near future Qualcomm will be scaling that up to 24bit/96kHz. So you're going to get audio delivered amazingly close to that of the original artists recording.


The AptX Adaptive codec will help reduce time delays between your bluetooth audio device and the source. I have experienced this first hand with bluetooth devices in the past. There is nothing worse than watching a YouTube video with audio completely out of sync.

This can be a huge problem especially if you are using bluetooth headphones when gaming on a smart device. With the AptX adaptive codec it will be able to adjust seamlessly by reading the metadata and external stimuli to make sure you do not experience audio lag. I really like the sound of this and can’t wait to test it out.

aptx adaptive explained


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