Three New Snapdragons 2019 - A Game of Smartphones | Snapdragon 665, 730, 730G

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I have got some good news for you guys. Courtesy of Qualcomm the mother of Snapdragon processors. There are now three new powerful & more affordable chipsets have entered the world.


Before you splash out some serious cash on a flagship phone. Try to figure out what it is that's so important you must have a flagship device. Is it amazing cameras features, amazing AI, top quality graphics & gaming performance?

If it's any of those the three I just mentioned then you need to read on, or watch this video.

Qualcomm has just hatched 3 new Snapdragons into the world of mid-range smartphones. Each one bringing some serious firepower. Let's start with the mid-tier.

Snapdragon 665 - Mid-range Fire Power

It's not been long since we saw the Snapdragon 660 arrive mid-2018. Already Qualcomm has stepped up their silicone manufacturing game with a NEW 2019 11nm Snapdragon processor.

The little beast that is the Snapdragon 665 will bring some huge improvements across the board. Let's begin with the advancements camera tech support.

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 665 will now support triple camera technology. Just like the camera tech seen on the new Samsung S10 and Huawei P30 pro, the Xperia 1 & most likely what we will see on the next iPhone.


We are talking about mid-range devices with three cameras. The SD665 will be able to support telephoto, wide angled and super wide angled lenses on a single device.

Not only are there now more possibilities for camera lenses. The Qualcomm SD665 will also support image sensor sizes up to 48MP with HDR support.  To top it off phones running on the SD665 will have the ability to shoot super slow-mo video at 720p 240fps.

That’s not all. There are plenty more improvements to the Qualcomm SD655 in other areas too.

We can expect 2x better AI than the 660, as well an improved gaming experience with 20% better power efficiency & up 600Mbps downloads speeds. As well as the new Hi-Res audio with the Qualcomm Aptx Adaptive codec.

All of these flagship features were only available in the flagship tier in 2018, but now they are about to find a new home in the mid-range smartphone market.

Things are definitely going to get interesting in the £199 to £499 Smartphone price bracket in 2019.

Snapdragon 730 - Upper Mid-range Shooter

Let's turn up the heat a little bit now with the newly announced Snapdragon 730. A new 8nm chip designed for the upper mid-tier smartphones. If you thought the SD665 sounded good. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 is bringing even more firepower to the table.

192mp camera.jpeg

The Qualcomm SD730 will support image sensor sizes up to 192MP... Let that sink in for a second...Yes, I said it 192MP.

As far as I know, a smartphone image sensor of this size does not exist yet. With that said, I've got a feeling that if Qualcomm is able to facilitate this, then the hardware must be on its way.

192MP smartphone camera...who will be first to launch this?

Also, some new video advancements have been made. The Snapdragon 730 will be able to deliver 4K HDR video with (bokeh) portrait effect.  It will also be able to shoot portrait (bokeh) video at 60fps. This is definitely exciting news for video creators like me.

Qualcomm AI 4th gen

The Snapdragon 730 is not just about improvements to the camera features. It has some significant AI upgrades as well. In comparison to the SD710, the Snapdragon 730 will have 2X better AI processing & it's 4gen AI engine.

It's also the 1st time we will see Qualcomm's Tensor accelerator and computer vision (CV-ISP) chip on a Snapdragon 7 series chipset. Previously this was only available on the 855 flagship processor.

Phones running on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 should truly be fire when it comes to AI and Camera quality. Stay tuned to the WhatGear YouTube channel for video content on this.

Snapdragon 730G - For the Gamers

Of course, I saved the awesomeness for last. The mightiest of the three Snapdragons. This one is for the gamers. Every single awesome upgrade I've mentioned so far exists on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G processor. However, this one has little more ferocity.


With the mobile gaming industry booming. We are in need of hardware that can deliver exceptional gaming experiences.

Going back to what I said at the beginning. Not every gamer will want to spend the money to buy a flagship. That's where the Snapdragon 730G steps in.

The SD730G is the fire breathing Snapdragon gaming processor we've been waiting for. This variant of the 730 processor has been enhanced and adapted specifically for gamers.

It will have 25% faster graphics rendering than the 730. It will also have a 35% better CPU performance.

Not only can we expect to see amazing gaming performance in terms of speeds and frame rates.

qualcomm gaming elite.jpg

We will also see significant graphical improvements as well. With the addition, HDR gaming compatibility &10 Bit colour depth mapping, REC 2020 colour gamut support, and over 1 Billion shades of colour. Expect your games to look truly awesome on SD730G devices. Enter the Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite gaming experience.

Out of the three new Snapdragons just launched which one sounds like the right one for you?


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