Xperia XZ2 Rumours - WhatGear Word on The Street 15

Look, Hear, See its another WhatGear Word on the Street! This week its the Xperia XZ2 due sometime 2017...probably. Fingers crossed Sony stay in the smartphone race. Anyway check out what could expect from this upcoming Tech! Its Sony's 2017 Flagship Smartphone second edition of the Xperia XZ.

And all joking aside if you want to check out some of the WhatGear videos we made on the Xperia in 2016. they are. For your eyes only, except for everyone else on the internet. 

So you might be an unfortunate Note 7 owner & you might be considering what are your replacement options. Well I am now using the Xperia XZ and you may want to see how the Cameras compare with Samsung's Flagship offering. Bare in mind that the Note 7 camera is the exact same camera as in the Galaxy S7.
So I was at the London Launch party for the XZ and I was like #WOWofnow . It was a great event and I got to take a second look at this powerhouse flagship smartphone from Sony. The Xperia XZ camera features are some of the finest known to man!
Check out this first look and quick Sony Xperia XZ review. We got hands on at #IFA2016 and got a chance to see whats new with this new Sony Flagship smartphone. The Xperia XZ specifications are fantastic so are its cameras.